Friday, March 17, 2006

Where there's an downside, there's also an upside

Oh, my. So, Aslet and I are back together. And like I said before, it's not what I expected. What I expected was he'd start listening to me about how his slobby ways drive me nuts and because he loves me, he'd clean up his act. That did not happen. He still leaves those damn guns all over the place, his shoes are still wherever he was when he took them off. Life with him is definately not perfect. Now to the real upside downside. The bonding, that scared the hell out of me when I realized what it did to me. Hell, what it did to the both of us. But he wanted me to do this and I kept thinking, he wants me, you know? Not some other woman, but me. So I agreed. This is hard to explain. I'm part of him now. It would be wildly inaccurate to say that he is a part of me. This bonding thing doesn't work like that, which I should have known. He's a dominant Elismal, expressing the dark powers and with a command of those powers that I didn't understand until now. And, he's not just a dominent Elismal, but THE dominant one, and he didn't get that way by accident.

Making love now, wow. It's like I never really knew how until I was bonded to him. It's mind-blowing. And, I'm it for him. Meaning, he won't be with any other woman except me. I did not ask for that responsibility. Deep breath here. He took me to Orcus, and it was like I was a status symbol for him. We got back just in time, and now it's not clear he'll ever be able to go home. And he did that for me. Because he knew if we got stuck in Orcus, I'd never be happy. So, I guess his shoes on the floor aren't a big deal.


At 3/20/2006 12:23:00 PM, Blogger Crimson Fan said...

Men! I feel your pain. I hate drives me nuts. Aslet's not going to change overnight. I am sure as you both learn to coexist he'll learn to help out more. He's the dominent male alright but that doesn't mean it is beneath him to pick up after himself. ;-).

I am envious, you hear me envious, that you have a man that craves only you. With this bonding and the power behind the sex it is no wonder so many women will fight over the single demons

Glad you survived Orcus...I hear congratulations are in order??

Enjoy Aslet I am glad you both are working things out.


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