Friday, March 03, 2006

Am I even alive?

I have been sick as a dog for nearly a month. I did the EPT - nugatory on that, thank god. I don't know how this conversion thing works, all I know is I'm still the same crappy human loser I always was. Luckily at work, I said I'd read ALL the slush if they let me take it home and read it. Bingo. I've rejected 741 screenplays, 345 TV scripts and set aside 2 to give to my boss to look at. Some of this stuff worse than reeks. I saved all the nudie shots because I know El Boss wants those. So, yeah. OK. My mom keeps calling and bugging me. Now she thinks I should marry my med student roommate. Hellooo! He's gay, Mom. He'd rather marry Dad, OK? And speaking of dear old Dad, he's still with his Admin. Turns out he paid for her boob job. My sister is still knocked up. She sent me a picture of the bridesmaid gown I'm supposed to wear. Maybe that's why I'm sick. I saw Jonny the other day and he said March 29 (that's the full moon, he says) he'll come over and watch all of Firefly on DVD with me, unless I die from rabies in the meantime. The jerk. What if that's what's wrong with me?


At 3/03/2006 07:15:00 PM, Blogger Crimson Fan said...

I thought you weren't talking to Jonny.

You so sure he's going to be at your side the 29th? I heard he has plans.

Rabies as if...dare I ask what you thought you would feel like after conversion?? Sweety its only going to get worse ~ IT is a virus after all.

Yep Jonny's a jerk...downright evil...didn't you understand that the first night you met? Oh wait..he played it sweet with you.


Hey J am I moving onto demons on the 29th then? Think carefully about the answer to that question.


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