Saturday, January 07, 2006


I know things. I haven't said a word, and don't plan to unless I have no other choice, but there are secrets in Crimson City. Lots of them.

Take the McCabes. I know Mika's a demon. At least partly. I suspected from the time I met her. Demons have freaky, light-colored eyes. Hers are a little bit darker than the demons I've seen up close and personal, and that threw me off at first, but I finally figured it out. She's got human blood too.

There's no way McCabe isn't aware of this. He's an expert on the species--probably knows more than I do--and he's always hated demons. Interesting then that he married one.

I asked him to help me find Kari, my foster sister, and he's come up empty. Now I'll be asking Mika. She can go into Orcus and get information for me. Kari was involved with some official government demon research group and something had her nervous. It has to involve the underworld.

If McCabe tries to get in my way, and keep his wife out of it, I'm not above using blackmail. I promised Kari I'd always protect her and I'll be damned if I break my word.


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