Monday, January 16, 2006


Conor is furious.

Although he's not happy with me, the person he wants to take apart is Marc Hayes. I'm torn on this. Marc's blackmail threat certainly didn't endear him to me, especially since Conor was beginning to think of him as a friend. Or leaning that way at least. McCabe needs friends, and I hate that Hayes ruined this for my mate.

On the other hand, I understand Marc's desperation. Someone he promised to protect was missing, and he'd run out of avenues to explore. Orcus was his last hope, although he had to realize that it was unlikely any human was still alive there. Since he couldn't enter the Other World himself, he had to find someone who could. That meant either a demon or a vampire. Since he's a slayer for B-Ops, it's highly unlikely he was going to persuade a vampire to do him a favor. That meant he needed a demon.

He picked me.

I suspected that he knew I had demon blood, but I don't think he realizes Conor is half demon as well. If he did, I think Hayes would have approached my mate rather than me. McCabe, however, stays well concealed. He never lets anyone except me see him without tinted contacts or sunglasses. Of course, his eyes are very pale--much paler than mine--and that's a dead giveaway.

Now it's up to me to deliver the news I know Marc doesn't want to hear--his foster sister was killed. Did I see her myself? No, but I found another demon who had. The body she saw matched the picture Hayes gave me of his sister. The man already dislikes demons, and I expect that this will push him into hating us. Which is strangely ironic since I barely have McCabe starting to accept his demon half.

I have news to share with Conor too. The Dark Ones are in the Overworld. I don't know how many, but more than just a couple, that's for sure. Orcus is ablaze with rumors, but I don't know how much--or even what--is truth.

As much as I wish I didn't have to tell him about this, there's no way I can keep quiet. He'll find out eventually, and I won't have him doubt my truthfulness with him--not when we've only just healed that wound. It scares me to know my vishtau mate will hunt the dark demons. But if he thinks he can keep me safe behind the shield that surrounds our home, he'd better think again. I'll fight at my mate's side no matter what the outcome.

That's a promise.


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