Saturday, December 10, 2005

paranoia pays

Last night while I was out someone broke into my apartment and stole everything I had on demons. Laptop, DVDs, notes, photos, you name it, it's gone. Very methodical and neat. They didn't even try to hide they'd been there. My email has been tampered with - the MD5 hashes didn't match.

So, what does this mean to my research? Not all that much. Scary as hell, but besides the money for a new laptop, not much of a loss. The laptop, with my photos, scanned in notes, audio files etc, was encrypted so whoever has it is going to spend a few thousand years trying to crack the key. I had my flash drive on me and a backup laptop off-site.

I've got more pics of demons and it isn't pretty. You think a werewolf kill is ugly? You should see what these guys do.


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