Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mr. Gorgeous

I met someone at Mika's wedding, and I haven't been able to get him out of my head since then. His name is Nic and he's Mika's half brother. Just talking to him got me all quivery inside, but we weren't alone long before Uncle David stepped in and pulled him away.

Next week is end of quarter finals, and I should be studying, but I can't get my mind off of Nic. I wonder if he's thinking of me? I was hoping he'd come see me Thanksgiving week since I was home from college, but he didn't, not even a phone call. Maybe I was the only one who was really interested. That's kind of depressing. If he wasn't Mika's brother, I'd ask her about him, but this is kind of a weird situation.

But I wonder if he's still in San Francisco? And I wonder if I'll see him on winter break?


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