Thursday, December 01, 2005

Holiday Plans

I visited that naughty costume shop Rachel, the waitress at the Moondance Diner, told me about. Wait till Conor sees what I bought--he'll have a stroke, the poor, prudish dear. :-) It's a red plush mini dress that plunges very low, so he can ogle my assets. White faux fur trim around the wrists and the hem of the skirt makes it look oh, so touchable, and it's got a black belt just below my breasts. And it's short. Very, very, very short. If I bend over, decency is lost. :-) Of course, when I'm with Conor, I'm not too concerned with modesty.

The best part is the boots that go with it. Black leather up to my knee, then a little cuff of matching faux fur. Spiked heels. It's the most decadent Mrs. Santa outfit they had. Now the only question is do I wear it tonight, or make Conor wait.


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