Wednesday, December 14, 2005

From Patrick Lewis' Journal

September 28, 1989

Why wouldn't she scream? I keep asking myself that. Why didn't Lisa scream? We all saw Tommy change. We all saw him stand there fighting the wolf. Then he leaped and knocked her down.

She could have thrown him off, kicked or something. But she just lay there like she couldn't move. Like she was frozen. Why didn't she scream?

Why didn't I stop him?

Why didn't I stop Jason?

Where the hell did he get that shovel and why the hell didn't I stop him when he lifted it up in the air? He was working the energy. I felt it. It was so strong, but I can't believe Jason would activate the wolf in Tommy. Not for kicks and certainly not so he could kill Lisa. It's not possible. It's not, and I don't believe it.

The truth is that it's my fault. I was too slow. I work energy, too. I could have shifted Tommy back to human. I could have, I know it. Why didn't I do it? I just stood there like an idiot. I thought Tommy would get a hold of himself. I thought...

It's all my fault.


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