Saturday, December 31, 2005

Baby, you will not believe what I saw. 'Member when ole necrodog told you something big was going down? I saw it. Old blue-eyes stayed shacked up with his babe for a while and when he came out I followed. He did two guys, one of them his own and then Tiber Korzha came along just when I was going to take care of the leavings. There's a fang that doesn't let anything slide in his territory. I did the needful and hid because Korzha looked pissed off and I don't want to deal with Korzha even when he's in a good mood. Besides, dogs and fangs just don't make friends too good. So, while I'm waiting for Korzha to scram, then some cop-babe (not a blonde, damn it) comes along. I would have bet money she was going to arrest him, but she let him go. And then my man comes back and he took the cop. He didn't do her, he took her and I ain't seen my boy since. The cop neither.


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