Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sing Along Now! Everything's Turning up Roses....

Oh, life is good. More demons. And I think I know how they're getting in. I wonder if they're any good to eat? Much as I admire the hell out of old blue eyes the wonder demon, there's another I stumbled across just today and he made the necrodog's A-list. Call him Mr. Fog. That's a joke on account of he's got B-Ops in a fog. Ms. Moneypenny, we've been infiltrated. (high pitched babe voice) Oh no Mr secret agent commando man, no, there's no spies here.

Now, blue eyes, he's my personal favorite I think you know why. But Fog, man he something else. Lost count of how many ladies he's boinked. The fog freak isn't killer like my man, but he's plenty freaking mean. Saw him rip a dude's heart out and then walk away with a babe- a serious babe- on his arm and her too freaking effing scared to run. Oh, yum. Billie Holliday on the MP3 player crooning just for me: Summertime, and the living is eaazeee...


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