Friday, November 04, 2005


Laryn tells me I'm overprotective, that Mika has the vishtau with this demon, and that I must accept this. I called her out of Orcus to help me in my argument with Mika, but I should have known she'd take our daughter's side.

It's difficult for a human to understand the full scope of the vishtau. It's a bond Laryn and I share, but while I feel the physical desire, she tells me I cannot comprehend the effect it has on a demon. It's more than what I know, encompassing every level of being. Heart, mind, body and soul. She tells me that this Conor McCabe feels all this as deeply as Mika, and that the instinct to protect a mate is even stronger in a male demon than in the female.

My only consolation about McCabe is that he's half human himself, and he'll understand Mika's duality of nature better than a full demon would. I'd still prefer to see Mika marry a human. I had a young man in mind for her, and this time, I'm certain she'd like him. But of course her mind is set now and there's no dissuading her.

Laryn keeps reminding me that Mika has a disdain for human males. I know that, but surely there's one that she won't feel that way toward.

I called out Nicodemus, Mika's halfbrother. We've only met a few times, but he's every bit as protective of her as I am. He's also half Grolird, a branch darker than McCabe's Kiverian. I found no ally here either. Nicodemus did everything but offer to give the bride away. When I asked him how he could be so accepting, he informed me that they share the vishtau.

Next, I brought in the heavy artillery. Mika's grandmother. The vishtau would mean nothing to her since she doesn't know of it and is unaware that Mika is half demon. My mom started out on my side. She was particularly appalled when she was informed that Mika planned to have a beachside wedding. I lost her, though, and I'm not sure when. Before I knew what was happening, she was telling me that McCabe was a good boy. If I didn't have enough power to sense demon magic, I'd wonder if he'd used some kind of mind control spell. Unfortunately, nothing extraordinary was involved. My mom simply decided she likes him, and that he'll take good care of Mika.

I'm outnumbered, and outgunned.

Laryn tells me that I need to observe them together, see the way his eyes soften when he looks at our daughter. She tells me to watch Mika when she's with him, that there's a calmness to her that she's never before had. And Laryn says that Mika has found someone who makes her feel as if she belongs. That's something else Mika hasn't had--a place where she fit in.

One moment.

I'm back. I didn't expect to answer the door to the hotel suite and find McCabe on the other side. He thought we should talk, man to man, without Mika interfering. When she finds out, my girl will flay the skin off him with that mouth of hers.
I'm still against the marriage, but I have a grudging respect for him because, when I pointed this out, he was well aware of how Mika would react.

I also have to respect him for telling me something that none of my other demon friends bothered to share. He and Mika have done the bonding ritual. That makes all my arguments about the wedding worthless.

The demon bonding ritual is something rarely performed according to everything I've heard. Demons are a freedom-loving species, and the rite binds vishtau mates only to each other. Neither will feel physical desire for another while their mate lives. I think it may involve more, but like the vishtau, demons do not speak of it.

I fear I have no other choice now except to stand on the beach and give my daughter's hand to a half-Kiverian demon.

That doesn't mean I didn't threaten him if he ever hurts Mika. He didn't even laugh at me, a human, issuing such a warning to a male from a dark branch of demon. Perhaps he might make a tolerable son-in-law.


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