Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm Maid of Honor

Mika asked me to be her maid of honor! Of course, I had to call all the cousins and tell them. I don't know why she has to get married on the beach, though. I saw the cutest bridesmaid dress online, but it'll drag in the sand. I tried to talk her into someplace really great, like an arboretum or somewhere indoors so I can wear the dress, but she wasn't interested.

You know, I think people underestimate how stubborn Mika is. She never seems to dig her heels in, but things almost always end up her way. I know it's her wedding, but still, you think she could compromise a little, right? I mean like, what she does with my name. She still calls me Kimi! I am nineteen now, and Kimi is a little girl's name. How hard is it to remember to call me Kim?

But you know, I was thinking--what if I like changed my name entirely? I mean, Kim is kind of, I don't know, boring. I want an exciting name, something that would be mysterious, and exotic. Something that when people heard it, they'd automatically think of me. Hear the name Beyonce and everyone knows who she is. Not like Kim. Or Kimi. Why couldn't I be named Mika? That's exotic. Okay, so Mika is older than me. Why couldn't there be two Mikas in the family? Someone told me Kimiko would work. I just think it's boring, but I'm going to use it a little and see if I like it. It would save me a fight with Mom and Dad about changing my name if I do.

So anyway, Mika told me about this guy she's marrying--Conor McCabe. I wonder if he's someone? He does live around Hollywood. He's not an actor, but maybe a director? Or no, a producer. They're the ones with the money, right? He could see me at their wedding and tell the director that I'm perfect for the role in his next movie. Wouldn't that be cool? Then I wouldn't have to stay in college and take boring classes like biology. And Mom and Dad wouldn't be able to tell me no because I'm nineteen and everything. It wouldn't be a starring role, not yet, but after I was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, then I could get offers to star in movies. Mom and Dad don't appreciate just how talented I am. After all, I got cast as Adelaide in Guys in Dolls in high school, and it wasn't only because Grandma N. taught me all the lyrics either.

Mika didn't say, though, what Conor does! She never passes on the really important stuff. Well, okay, so asking me to be maid of honor was important, and so was telling me when and where everything was. And I think he was there. I think I heard kissing noises, so maybe her getting off the comm so fast wasn't just her being a pain again.

As soon as she ended the call, I contacted Mom and Dad, who don't think I should go down to Crimson City right away. College. Like I'm ten and not nineteen! I'm old enough to decide to head down there now. But Mom and Dad are sooooooo worried about my missing a few classes. How many movie stars even have a college degree? This is such a waste of my time, and I should be down there helping Mika get ready for the wedding, right? If Mika could've just waited another week. I get five days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. So I don't get to buy and wear that cool dress, I don't get to go down and help Mika buy a dress or arrange anything, and I have to stay here to the day before the wedding, then we'll go down--after I finish morning classes.


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