Friday, October 14, 2005

It Gets Weirder

Ran into Nat tonight. Don't know his last name--I don't think anyone does. He tells me we've got some ugly ass demons roaming Crimson City. The names of the branches he gave me don't mean anything, but the level of power does. These are some nasty SOB's, but I think they're tied to my foster sister's disappearance in some way.

Nat had something else interesting to say. McCabe is looking for these demons too. That doesn't surprise me. McCabe is always looking for demons; don't know why he's so into them, but whatever. The news that floored me, though, was that he's got a woman living with him. McCabe. The poster boy for anti-social. My guess is if he's busy playing house, though, that these demons are all mine. Good.


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