Monday, October 10, 2005

From Patrick Lewis' journal

June 1, 1988

I think I can do it. Pro surfer. And I'll have a cool line of clothes, too. Lisa's got loads of ideas on that stuff. She says it'll make lots of money. She's already sketched some. As soon as Dad signs the Hang Ten sponsorship papers, I'm going to show it to the rep. But I've got to win the Classic first.

So it all works out. Lisa's working on her fashion design. I get the time to practice. At least we're teaching surf school together. I still get to see her in a bikini, and there's no interruption in the waves.

I even like teaching the sand rats. They're always oohing and ahhing. One kid asked for my autograph! That started this whole thing, but I have to admit: it's cool being a celebrity.
Guess now I know why Jason likes it so much. Except he's getting money for what he does. It's weird that he's rich now. I can't believe how much money people are giving him. Obscene amounts. My prize money goes right back into my stuff. Even with the sponsorship, I still have to work as an instructor. Especially since Dad won't pay for any of it anymore.

But Jason's got a car and girls, too. Lisa says it's weird how all the cool girls just fall over themselves for him. Even girls who are smarter than that, girls who don't give a shit for anybody are suddenly all gah gah over Jason.

I'm happy for him. And it's cool that I don't have to be all worried about our money differences anymore. Hell, I've had to bum a loan from him a couple times, even with the interest.
But I'm worried about him. It's summer now, and he's really pushing his powers. He's tired all the time. He says that bugged out eyes and saggy skin really draws the chicks. It's that Dark Lord image. They all want to mother him. Lisa says that's bullshit, but whatever. He's got the girls.

It's just about time to meet him at the movie. Lisa's cough is keeping her home again. Seems like she always gets worse on weekends which leaves me at loose ends. Again. Jason always brings a girl for me, but it's not the same. He just wants to show off his powers anyway. But its freaky what the girls do for him. He's always happy to share, but it's too weird and I'm with Lisa now even though she's home sick. Which is always.

Maybe I should read some of those druid books. Maybe I could figure out how to Heal with a Touch! Like Jason does.


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