Thursday, October 27, 2005


From the San Bernadino Gazette
September 25, 1989

By Sam Smith

A local teen's birthday party turned to disaster last night when a werewolf lost control and attacked partygoers killing Lisa Wilson, 16. The werewolf in question, Thomas Ericson, 17, was also killed.

"I always thought there was something strange about Tommy," said entertainer Jason the Dark Lord who killed the rampaging wolf. "I had to do it. He was eating Lisa."

All the surviving teens have been tested for lycanthropy. Currently, there is no sign of infection.

According to witnesses, Jason the Dark Lord was just starting his grand finale when Ericson began howling.

"We just thought it was funny at first," a partygoer said. "Part of the show. But then he really changed and started attacking. Then he was on top of Lisa. She didn't even have the chance to scream, and Jason was swinging that shovel. We were all really freaked out."

Doctors say that adolescence is when many natural-born werewolves first experience the change. "It's not unusual for a teenager to lose control of the wolf," said expert Dr. Wauters. "That puts regular teens in danger, especially at parties where drugs or alcohol sometimes weaken normal controls."

Police found no evidence of illegal substances, but are still investigating.

"We've never seen an unprovoked werewolf attack weeks away from a full moon before," said Police Chief Stanley Goldberg. "But rest assured, we are doing everything to keep our children safe."

Such measures include a new list of proposed restrictions on all werewolves. See City Council sidebar, page 2.


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