Thursday, September 15, 2005

Weird Stuff

Weird shit going on out there. Don't know what's up, but something's going on. In the last few months, I've had more attempts to breach the protection around my house than I've probably had in the five years since I moved in. No one's gotten through the barrier yet, but I don't like the activity.

Then there's this feel on the streets, almost like Crimson City itself is holding its breath. And I haven't spotted any loose demons lately either. It's not like they're overrunning the place even on a normal day, but there's usually one or two around. But right now? Nothing. Nada. At least that I've sensed. It's damn eerie

Freelancing has kept me busy lately, so the time I'd normally spend hunting demons has been replaced by assignments for B-Ops. I can't remember when more fangs and dogs have been listed as outlaws. Yeah, there's shit going on here. Wish I knew what.


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