Sunday, September 18, 2005

To Jason--paper hat king

July 7, 1986

Hey Jason,

Sucks about your phone. Your dad really doesn't remember to pay the bill? Next time just work it out with my Mom and call from my room. They think of you like their son, anyway.

Yeah, take the books on one condition. I get them back with crib notes. Dad's all over me to read them, so this way we both get what we want.

Are you really close to doing spells? Can you feel the energy and stuff?

It's weird. Dad thinks that the surfing is taking me away from important stuff, but it's the only time I can feel the energy. When I'm in the water or on the board. And it has to be real ocean water, not some lame pool, you know? That's just dead water in too small a space.

But I can hit a rhythm that's peaceful. I thought everyone did and some of the really good surfers, the older ones, they know what I'm talking about. Or maybe they're just bullshitting me. But I feel it and it's great.

Did you start with water too? Can you really feel energy in other things? Or is this all just crap from a butthead?

Sit time's over. Back to the water! Don't forget the crib notes.

--Patrick, the greatest surfer in the galaxy


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