Thursday, September 29, 2005


Last time I saw my sister--foster sister--she hinted at stuff she couldn't talk about. She was nervous, wanted to tell me the whole story, but couldn't. Instead she dropped a few teases. Just in case. When she went missing, I began looking into it, and she'd given me enough to know where to start. What I'm hearing is worse than what she insinuated.

Demons. A damn government group looking to use demons in the war against the paranormals. Man, any idiot should know not to be playing with summoning spells. I can't believe Kian was part of this.

Rumors are out there. Gotta ask the right questions to hear them, though, because no one wants to talk about it. Can't blame them. Demons are scary sons of bitches. But I owe Kian a lot, she kept me out of the gang, and on the straight and narrow--relatively speaking--so I'm not quitting till I find her.


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