Friday, September 02, 2005

Overworlders are Weak

Jaise wishes to mate with a human female who is called Donovan but she will not accept him. He is angry with her for this. I saw that female today. She was pleasing to look at. Yesterday, I spoke with a human female and she invited me to her home. She was weak, but it was not unpleasant to mate with a human female. I will do so again.

  1. Jon Carruthers Done.

  2. Laura Masters

  3. Elaine Grizwalski

  4. Penny Tenspears

  5. M. Smith Done.

  6. Lenny

  7. Julio Estavan Done.

  8. Kelly Goodsleeve

  9. Mina Zeigle Done.

  10. G.L. Borden Done.

  11. Monica Herrera

  12. Lee Fung Cho

  13. Kevin Ng-O'Neal

  14. Tiffany Jacobs Done.

  15. Zoe Elizabeth Youst Done.

  16. Sally


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