Sunday, September 04, 2005

Heading Home

I'm heading back to Orcus tomorrow afternoon. I told Dad last night. He tried to talk me into staying through my birthday, but I declined. Avoiding the party they've decided to arrange is one of the reasons why I'm leaving now. But mostly I'm going because it's the Other World is where I feel most comfortable. I don't have to worry there about my inhuman strength or the way my eyes glow from time to time.

And Orcus is home. I know Dad wishes that were different, but then I wish he could visit me in the underworld. Unfortunately, humans can't survive there.

I'll let him tell Grandma Noguchi I'm leaving. She's the force behind the proposed party and it's very hard for me to say no to her. Besides, I don't know for sure what Dad's told her about where I go when I'm not living with him. Better that he handles that end of the whole thing. I do wonder, though, how he's managed to keep the fact that I'm half demon from his family. When I was a child, I slipped a lot--in fact, Grandma N even caught me levitating once. Now that was one of the most amusing scenes I've ever witnessed!

I don't have much to pack up since I keep things in both worlds, but I'll do that tonight, so I can just spend tomorrow doing something fun with Dad. I don't know when I'll post again. Electronics kind of blow up in Orcus.


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