Monday, September 26, 2005

Baby, I got talents you need

Hey, baby, I am so fricking hungry I could eat a brunette. Heh, heh. A little Necro humor there for you. Is it working? You laughing? I am.

There's demons in this city and nobody has any effing idea the invasion has started. Well, here's jonny the necrodog to tell you the straight shit, baby. Demons. Here. In. Crimson. City.

They found a way in. I was out of the Lower, looking for some action and I saw him. A big freak with white hair and those eyes. And he'd just offed some poor chick. Not a blond, but hey. Looked like it took a while for him to do her. Man, the eyes. I was in doggie form, but he knew and I knew and we both just knew this whole effing city is going to blow sky high and fathoms deep.

This city's gonna have a need for my talents. Remember, you heard it here first. Jonny Wolf told you first.


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