Monday, August 29, 2005

Score One for the Demon Daughter

Just as I'd planned--okay, hoped--having Dad summon Mom out of Orcus distracted him from any interest he had in the woman who was at his cocktail party. I had to hang around for a couple of days since I used the excuse that I wanted the three of us to spend time together as a family, but then I moved to Grandma Noguchi's home. And TBH, I think Mom and Dad were glad to have me gone. They amuse me endlessly the way they try to hide their relationship. Do they think that if they're affectionate in my presence that I'll start fantasizing about them living happily ever after? I'm an adult, and far more pragmatic than that.

Anyway, it's been fun staying with Grandma N. We've been listening to show tunes and she's been telling me stories about when Dad was a boy. We've done a little shopping--without Kimi, who had to go back to college--and today we're going out to lunch. I'm just waiting for her to finish changing clothes.

One of the things I've always admired about Grandma N is that she's never questioned me about Mom. I asked her about that once, and she simply said it wasn't fair to do that to me. Have I mentioned how much I've always loved and admired my grandma? I really enjoy her company. In some ways, she's old fashioned. In other ways, she's surprised me with her attitude. Maybe that's why spending time with her is always so fun--she keeps me guessing so often.


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