Saturday, August 20, 2005

Poor, but happy.

No executions lately, which means my bank account is getting low. That doesn't bother me. I'm not alone anymore, so the struggle to make ends meet has taken a back seat to helping you-know-who run things in the Underground. It's hard work -- a different kind of work than any I'm used to -- but I like it. It feels...honest. Of course, if the Primary Assembly contacts me, I'll do what I have to, no questions asked. I am, after all, still the Vendix. At least until someone tells me different. It could happen. I have even more enemies now than I did before.

I saw Celestine the other day. We didn't talk. There's not much to say. The two of us might have history, but it's the kind that doesn't mean much. Just sex. Just insults. Some blood spilled. The irony is that the two of us were more similar than we ever imagined. Just think about where and with whom we gave our hearts.

Life is funny, that way. Ha. Ha. Ha.


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