Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Little Lack of Discretion

I'm not sure why I'm so upset. It's not as if I'm naive enough to believe my parents haven't had other lovers--after all, they don't live together, and never have. And really, what I saw was nothing. In Orcus, we're much more open about sex than humans are and fidelity is rare except within the vishtau bond, but what happened still bothers me.

Saturday, my father hosted a cocktail party--actually, I don't believe all the guests have gone home yet--and he wanted me to be present. I guess it's a parent thing. Dad's proud of me and is always eager to introduce me to his friends and brag about me. So tonight was nothing unusual. I've always fielded these requests when I've stayed in the Overworld. Besides, I enjoy parties--even if I have to be careful around those without power.

It was a couple of hours ago. I'd gone to the kitchens to check on the caterer and make sure there would be enough hors d'oeuvres to last the length of the party. As I was heading back to the gathering, I rounded the corner and saw this blonde woman take my dad's arm, and go up on tiptoe to murmur something in his ear. The gesture made it obvious that their relationship was intimate. And if that alone wasn't enough to tip it off, she cast a smug glance my direction. It was that self-satisfied expression that made me believe she'd deliberately timed the display so I'd see it. I just don't understand why. Does she think she's competing with me in some odd way? Perhaps for my dad's time and attention?

If so, and if she believes my father is going to ignore me, she'll be very surprised. The one thing I've always had absolute faith in is the love of my parents. I may be an outsider in two worlds, but my family has always accepted me unconditionally.

If she simply wanted me to be aware that she's shared my father's bed, why the smirk? Sometimes humans and their silly games perplex me.

Still, I think I'll see if Dad will summon Mom out of Orcus. It might be a good idea to have some time together as a family. My parents believe I have no idea about it, but I know they've had trysts over the years. And while they never performed the bonding rite, they're vishtau mates. The pull between them is much more potent than anything the blonde woman can comprehend. If she wanted to play games, she should have picked someone else to amuse herself with. Demons play to win.


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