Friday, August 05, 2005

From the journal of Patrick Lewis

June 6, 1985

To Patrick–
Happy 13th birthday! May you use this journal to brighten the light that is your most inner neart. (That’s Celtic for strength.)
Love, Mom and Dad

June 7, 1985
This is a stupid journal and a stupid present. I asked for a new surf board and an electric guitar. No, I get this stupid book where I’m supposed to write my feelings. Well my feelings are that this is a stupid ass present!!!!
Like I don’t know this is a punishment. And it really bites that they’d give me a punishment for my 13th birthday. Plus I have to go to summer school. Might as well be living at juvie.
I hate math. I hate writing. I hate my parents. And it’s a perfect day. Good winds. Nice sun. Great waves! Everybody else is out, but no, I have to write my stupid-ass journal punishment.


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