Saturday, August 27, 2005

Five Rogue Vampires Down

Ugly night last night. B-Ops gave me this rogue vampire to hunt--went by the name of Sampson. Yeah, right. Found him and a few of his buddies attacking a human woman. Bastards were toying with her, like cats with an injured mouse. I hate unfair fights, so I evened the odds.

They were stronger than I expected, and worked together as a team. Odd for a gang of rogues, but you never know with fangs what you're going to get. They didn't know who--or what--they were messing with, though. A couple of bursts of demon fire from my hands and the number of rogues became much more manageable.

Demon fire is different than regular fire. Much more concentrated. Much more intense. I could melt the scoop of ice cream off the top of a cone, and the person holding it would never feel any heat on their hand. I can be as exact--or as wide--with a shot of this as I want to be. I felt like shooting wide.

That left me and Sampson. He wasn't much of a challenge without his gang of thugs behind him. He went down easy.

Been up all night taking care of paperwork. I hate the damn paperwork B-Ops requires. Hell, I'm a hunter, not a pencil pusher. Now I'm going to sleep. Later.


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