Sunday, August 07, 2005

Dangerous Times

Tiberiu Korzha got hauled into the precinct for questioning last night. Detective Ariasakis thinks the vamp had something to do with a wolf that got killed in Strata -1. Forensics says it was a fang. Big mess over that. Big, big mess. The dogs are pissed and making threats. Of course Korzha denies it and since about fifty people saw him at an Oxfam fund raiser at the time the dog got killed, maybe he's telling the truth. But Araisakis swears by his informant. According to the word, someone put a hit on the dog and Korzha's the one who took the contract. Who knows. But if time of death is 22:35 PDT and Korzha was writing a check for $50,000 made out to Oxfam at 22:36, then I kind of don't think he did the dog. Anyway. There's always a fuss when he comes to the precinct. I admit it, he's hot. Even for a fang, he's hot. Matthew Jaise came by after Korzha left. I told him no. Again.


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