Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Business as Usual

I spent a productive, if tedious, morning with my lawyers. They wish to file suit against the PD for their behavior toward me in regard to a certain deceased werewolf, and I have agreed they should pursue the matter with all due diligence and respect for the law. I had nothing to do with the dog's demise. If I had, the PD would not have been so desperately in need of a suspect that they stooped to harassing upstanding citizens who have no criminal record whatever. In point of fact, at the time the dog met his unfortunate fate I was involved in some rather delicate negotiations with a. . . shall we say, foreign legation, at an Oxfam fundraiser. At which, by the way, I gave generously.

Officer Donovan was at the precinct when I was there. A heavyset human man leaned over her desk and complimented her for "kicking Benson's ass" at the dojo. She laughed and looked far too delightfully pleased. The asshole wants in her pants. For pity's sake, she could do a great deal better than him. There are times when women mystify me.


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