Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Surviving the Fourth

The fourth ended up being a lot of fun--once I woke up! But I didn't really feel human until after the sun went down. (Joke is intended.) I intercepted a few curious glances from Grandma N during the day, so I grabbed a couple of cousins and peeled off from the family. Keeping secrets can be difficult.

I haven't been to bed, still running on my nocturnal clock, and I'll probably end up staying up all night and going all day without rest since Kimi wants me to go shopping with her. I don't remember needing to color coordinate my dorm room decor with my roommate's, but apparently this is of critical importance now. At least if we were shopping for clothes it would be fun, but sheets? Wastepaper baskets?

The things I do for my family.


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