Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Got called into B-Ops last night. Hot mission and I had to be briefed in person. That's what they said anyway. It wasn't anything that unusual, but sometimes they just get a bug up their ass and you gotta play the game.

Unfortunately, the place is staffed 24/7 and I arrived right at some kind of break time. Dinner, maybe. The break room is on the far side of the office, but shit, it smelled like someone was nuking cat food. Made me wonder how the hell they can stand to be crushed together in those tiny cubicles and be constantly surrounded by other people. And their odors.

The cat food smell was so damn strong, I couldn't block it. And I couldn't get out of there fast either. There must be some version of Murphy's Law that says a person's desire to leave is in inverse proportion to their freedom to leave. Or something like that.


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