Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Journalist for hire. Anybody...anybody? Sigh.

Gonna head down to Bosco's today and check out the "job board." The freelance market is a little dry. Seems everyone and their mother think they can be a writer. Luckily, none of them would ever dream of stepping foot into Bosco's. We're talking ground zero for the black market. The owner gets really edgy when I stop in, but most of the people there know who I am--and trust that I can keep a secret. Okay, at least when someone tells me to keep it. I'm just looking for leads, that's all. And obviously I'm a) willing to pay and b) not planning to write something that's likely to get me killed. Of course, a little danger never hurt a girl. And if I'm really being honest about it, the truth is that I'd welcome a little danger. That's the only time I ever see Marius. I know I shouldn't think about it like that, but I can't help myself.


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