Monday, July 04, 2005

Diurnal Schedules

I meant to post yesterday about the fair, but crashed. Keeping human hours is killing me. Demons are nocturnal, our body clocks are geared for the night, and yet to pass as human, I have to function during the day. Look at the ridiculous hour I'm forced to be awake today! My dad finds it amusing, but at least he brought a pot of coffee when he woke me up. I'm going to need it.

I only have about five more minutes before I'll hear another tap on my door and my dad telling me I need to get moving. Do all human parents do such things? Or is it merely because I've never been able to get ready with any speed while keeping a diurnal schedule?

We're supposed to meet the entire Noguchi clan, from the very oldest to the very youngest, and spend the holiday with them, but right now, sleep sounds so much more appealing. Unfortunately, going back to bed and waking up around 4pm isn't an option. :-(

Demons are capable of going indefinitely without rest, but our powers decrease as fatigue increases. Since I'm half human, the effects happen faster for me. However, I'm not merely going without sleep, I'm trying to twist my body into sleeping when it wants to be awake and doing things. Somehow that seems more wearing than staying up for days with no sleep at all.

Argh! My dad just knocked. I have to go.


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