Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Crossing the Veil

I slipped away to spend a couple of days in Orcus. Sometimes the human world gets too stressful since I have so many things to hide. I may be a freak in the Other World, but at least there no one screams when my eyes glow.

Nic came over to see me last night, and he was on a roll. My brother--half brother--is an odd mixture as far as his personality goes. He has the bite of his father's branch--Grolird is the second darkest of the demon breeds--but he also has the Mahsei sense of fun from our mother. I don't think the other residents of Orcus are quite sure how to relate to Nic, and I enjoy seeing them off-balance. As a weak demon, no one is ever uneasy around me, so I need to live vicariously. Yesterday, his Mahsei nature was in the forefront.

He was imitating Tanith, our council leader. Oh, excuse me, that would be en-Tanith--the honorific is required. I've never been invited to the council chambers, or had reason to petition the council, so I'm not sure how accurate the mimicry was, but I was still entertained. The bluster and pompous arrogance with which Nic spoke was-- Well, I guess you had to be there.

I probably shouldn't have mentioned this, but it's hard splitting my life between the two sides of the veil. I don't really fit in either world, and the situation is made worse because I have to keep secrets from both sets of families. My human relatives don't even realize I'm half demon. I wish there was someone I could simply be myself with.


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