Friday, June 24, 2005


Last night, I was thinking about the first time I met my Grandma and Grandpa Noguchi. I split my time between my parents as I grew up, but most of my very early years were spent primarily in Orcus. As a very small child, my mother was with me when I visited my father, but by the time I was five, I would cross the veil to my dad's home alone. It was on one of these visits that the cat was let out of the bag.

At five, I didn't understand what Grandma and Grandpa N's shock meant, but I do remember the moment with perfect clarity. It was early Saturday morning and I was watching television, waiting for my dad to wake up and make pancakes; he'd promised the night before when he put me to bed. I knew I wasn't supposed to answer the door, but the bell rang and rang--Dad could sleep soundly--and finally I went to open it. I recognized the man and woman immediately from the pictures on the entertainment center.

They were confused at first, but that turned to shock when I asked them if they wanted me to wake my daddy up. Even at five, I knew to conceal my amusement from humans--especially if they were the reason why I was entertained. It was difficult, though, because the look on their faces was comical. Grandma Noguchi was the first to collect herself and she most definitely wanted me to wake my dad.

I wish now that I'd paid more attention to the conversation when Dad finally told his parents that he had a child, but of course, I didn't realize at the time just how interesting that little discussion must have been. All I cared about was that I sent off to watch TV with a bowl of cereal while the adults talked, and that I didn't get my pancakes just then. Grandma N made them for me at lunch.

It was the beginning of my relationship with my Grandma N, one that ended up being very close despite the fact that Dad lived near Crimson City and my grandparents in San Francisco. Grandma Noguchi made it a point to come down at least every other time I visited and she became a huge influence in my life. It's because of her that I have thousands of show tunes memorized--a very under-appreciated education.

Despite the conversation Dad had with his parents and despite my closeness to my grandmother, Grandma and Grandpa Noguchi still aren't aware that I'm only half human. I don't think this information will stay secret forever, and I can only hope that I'm around to hear what Dad has to say when they discover my mother is a demon. Entertainment like that doesn't come along often.


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