Sunday, June 26, 2005

Interfering Fathers--Grrr

Dad and I had a huge argument last night. He's aware that I hate it when he sets me up with humans, but that doesn't stop him. Yesterday he ambushed me. I knew he was hosting a dinner party, and that he wanted me to be there, but I didn't know why. Maybe I should have been more suspicious, but it's been a while since he tried to foist one of his yes-men off on me.

Dad's toadie was attractive enough, I guess, in an insipid kind of way, but humans are weak. I've told my dad that time and again, but he doesn't accept it. Maybe he thinks I'll change my mind. I won't. I'd never mate with any male less powerful than I am. Which I also told Dad last night. His face went red when I said that and he told me he didn't want me to sleep with the guy, he wanted me to find someone to marry. That startled me enough to end the disagreement. Doesn't he know how many human males I've deliberately scared off? Probably not, since I doubt his corporate yes-men were brave enough to say anything.

I'm picky--I admit it. Grandma Noguchi always told me not to settle and I won't. It's frustrating, though. The demon males I've been attracted to have been from the far dark side of the spectrum, and they didn't return my interest. Maybe if I were full Mahsei things would be different, but my damn human blood taints me. If my branch of demon were darker, it would overcome my humanness, but the Mahsei are on the light end, and it leaves me in no man's land. Some day, though, if I'm lucky, I'll find my... Well, I can't talk about that.

Now if I could just get Dad to stop trying to pair me off. I think I know why he does it--he wants me to live in the Overworld and not Orcus. He can't cross into the demon realm--no human can survive there--and he wants to see me more than he does now. It's sweet, I guess, but I'm spending the summer with him, and that's going to have to be good enough.


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