Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Finally home from work. Grrr.

I swear to God that if one more customer pinches my ass I am going to rip someone's throat out. What do I look like, huh? I mean, really. So I wear short skirts. So I like to show a little cleavage (what little I got, anyway). Big f**king deal. If that idiot at the counter had taken one look at my face, he would have seen I'm not the kind of chick you mess with. And guess what? Shit head did not even tip me.

So, yeah. Tonight sucked. But at least I got my paycheck and Jim complimented me on my new hair color. I'm all about the blue right now. I think it goes with my eyes. I'm tempted to try pink next, but I want to experiment a little with this new shade. Granny May doesn't like it much, but she's leaving me alone. I'm in my twenties, I think a little independence is mine to take. As long as I don't screw up.

As long as I don't kill anyone.


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