Thursday, June 30, 2005

Annoyances of Life

Do not f**k with me. This is a message I have taken great pains to deliver. Business is business. For that, one does not make exceptions. I give my word, others give theirs and matters proceed nicely. If not-- Well. It's not wise to do business with the untrustworthy. Good business requires trust. A good contracts lawyer and inevitable consequences never hurt.

Two nights ago Ng Tran vanished from his home. A gentleman, yes. Very much so. We dined together several times these past weeks. No one has been able to contact him since Monday last. Disturbing in these violent times. The authorities wondered if I might know something of his whereabouts. I was of no assistance. I know only he was not a man of his word, a discovery that distressed me greatly. During a brief trip to the police station, there were a few polite questions and a few, very few, polite answers from my attorney. Officer Donovan was just coming on shift as we left. What delicious eyes she has.


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