Sunday, March 11, 2007

Welcome to SHOMI-land!

You thought the Crimson City series rocked?*
(Okay, it still does. But work with me here, people.)

Well, count your ammunition and get those seatbelts on,
because here comes...

SHOMI has it all.
Kick-Ass Action. Romance. Suspense. Alternate Realms.
(And there are some really funny parts, too.)

The first two books are already available for preorder and we're getting those excerpts up:

Liz Maverick's WIRED
& Marianne Mancusi's MOONGAZER

Stay tuned for more back to our regular Crimson City programming...

*SHOMI what?
You came here for Crimson City?
Just keep scrolling for the blog archives or go to for series news. Crimson City will never die.

In the future, Los Angeles is center stage in the battle for supremacy between the species.

In the future, Los Angeles is known as...


Book #1: Crimson City by Liz Maverick Book #2: A Taste of Crimson, by Marjorie M. LiuBook #3: Through a Crimson Veil, by Patti O'Shea

Book #4: A Darker Crimson, by Carolyn JewelBook #5: Seduced by Crimson, by Jade LeeBook #6: Crimson Rogue, by Liz MaverickBook #7: Anthology, Shards of Crimson, by Maverick, Jewel, O'Shea, Lee

Series created

Liz Maverick

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Future of Crimson City

This is Jill Cooper, reporting in from the chaos that continues in Crimson City. I have word from Liz Maverick on the future of the series. Yes, there will be more Crimson City! Shards of Crimson is an anthology featuring original Crimson City authors. It will be out in January 2007. (Happy New Year, indeed!)

For those wondering about the Jill/Marius story, Liz asked me to tell you that she definitely has a Jill/Marius/Hayden triangle in mind (Who will I pick? My soulmate or my teammate? Wish *I* knew. Those boys have lots of tricks up their armored sleeves and it's gonna get ugly before all is said and done), but there are no confirmed plans to publish the book right this minute.

To keep up with Liz's plans for Crimson City, try checking from time to time.

I've got to run. Tajo Maddox seems to have lost his mind; he kidnapped a werewolf princess (yes, you read that correctly) and now the rest of us rogues are trying to figure out what the hell to do about it all. Over and out.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Captain Caveman

I don't know whether to thank Mika or worry about the influence she seems to have over Alzbeta.

She took Alzbeta shopping again, but this time, my demoness came home with affordable clothes. Alzbeta also had a cave woman costume. That thing barely covered anything. And she looked hot in it. The sex between us is always good, but that night...

Maybe I will thank Mika.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


I have been spending time with Tiber Korzha, his wife and step-daughter Holly. Holly is coming into her demon powers and Tiber and Claudia do not wish her to be without guidance. Because I am obligated to the vampire I could not refuse. Holly's father is a Bak-Faru demon and those darker powers often come early. She should know what it means to have this heritage. The girl is eleven now, but I know already she is my future vishtau mate. I have not told the vampire or the girl's mother. Nor Holly. She is too young. This is not a burden she should bear. I do not know how or what I will tell Lenore. Lenore is my heart. She is pregnant with our first child, and in ten years I will have a vishtau mate. This is not Holly's fault or mine, but I resent her for a future I do not want.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

downward spiral

My sister's here. With her new husband, her fiance's father. Noah says I have to be nice to pregnant women. Fine. But you know what? When all I had to worry about was one lying cheating liar dog, life was a lot simpler. Noah refuses to move, not even to Redondo Beach, which I hear is a pretty bitching place. He says he likes my new brother-in-law who is older than my vampire father with his damn Hedge fund and strip joint franchise. I can't even talk about the rest right now except that Evan, who was supposed to be my brother-in-law, might actually be more screwed up than me.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Shop Til You Drop

I went shopping today!

I bought lots!

Life is good.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Lesson Learned

McCabe had a good laugh at my expense. Guess I deserved it, but I'm certain Mika was behind the incredibly large tab Alzbeta ran up shopping. We're going to have to keep about half of what she bought, but I took her back to Rodeo and returned what we could. We also had a conversation about money. And when I was finished, Alzbeta discussed how she expected me to treat her. We reached an agreement on all topics.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Whoosh! Right Down the toilet.

The phone rings. It's 2pm two days after the full moon. I answer it because Noah can sleep through anything. It's Evan, my sister's loving fiance. The rich one who supposedly knocked her up. He's on his cell phone outside my old apartment wondering how come I'm not home on a Sunday afternoon. Right. I am home on a Sunday afternoon. So I tell him to F off, all nice like, but he just calls right back. The jerk. He's looking for our folks because the wedding is supposed to be next Sunday and he's worried they're going to miss the rehearsal dinner and besides, he brought my maid of honor gown.

I haven't heard from Dad since he went fang and I sent him over to the strip joint. Noah said he heard Dad got arrested for trying to bite a police officer, but I called the jail where they hold paranormal offenders and found out he didn't actually bite anyone. He just threatened to bite some stupid kid who tried to roust him outside the bar. Last I heard, he was starting up a hedge fund for some of the Strata +1's and that Tiber Korzha is after him for not clearing the activity with him first. Mom called once to say she hasn't heard from Toni, a second time to say she'd meet a real gentleman and a third time to say she'd gotten married. To a Dumont. Jesus H. Christ! Is she insane? Yes. Then Toni called to ask me, in all seriousness, if I wouldn't mind being in this movie she's making. All I had to do was turn into a werewolf and pretend to bite her. So, I said sure, but I'm not going to pretend, and she says, OK, but would I mind being naked? Ew!

OK, so, I'm on the phone with Evan wondering if I should send him over to the strip joint to look for Dad. I forgot to mention, he's a part owner now and looking to expand the franchise. All of a sudden, he's bawling that my sister has dumped him and the wedding's off. The baby isn't his, it's his father's, and can he come over because he really, really needs to know how to get her back. Noah started laughing and he took the phone away from me and gave him our effing address.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Hayes Report

Hayes tracked me down, breathing fire about my mate leading his woman astray. He was waving some receipts in front of me and ranting about what Alzbeta spent. My response? I told him Mika was a weak demon (Yeah, right) and that his girlfriend was from the darkest most dangerous branch. Who was more likely to lead whom astray? He stormed off then and I haven't seen him since.

Is it wrong to enjoy watching another man losing his sanity over a female demon? Mika had me climbing the walls before we bonded--and some days she still drives me nuts. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm almost afraid, though, to ask her what she spent on the girls' day out.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Things I am sick of:

  1. Being pregnant

  2. Being uncomfortable

  3. Tiber asking me every five seconds if I need anything

  4. The news

  5. Worrying about the baby

  6. Worrying what Tiber will think about the baby if it turns out it's not his

That is so unfair, I know. I know I know. He has been nothing but supportive. But I keep having these awful dreams where he tells me he only wanted me if the baby is his, and then he leaves me.